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Our team of skilled land development consultants, engineers and surveyors work together to take the stress out of navigating the complex requirements of property development in NSW.   Our approach is to provide you with a complete solution that capitalises on our skills and experience in all aspects of property development and town planning. Whatever the size or nature of your project, you can be confident that we have the experience to guide you through the process from concept to completion, allowing you to maximise the potential of your land.

Mepstead & Associates provides valuable project management and related services for all aspects of land development and town planning. With nearly 30 years of experience, our team of property development consultants deliver successful outcomes that promote the interests of our clients. Whether you are subdividing land, requiring preparation of a layout for roads and lots, road intersection design or stormwater calculations for a new development, we can optimise your results.

As professional, multi-disciplinary land development consultants, our reputation in the industry is exceptional. We understand how to successfully navigate the complex requirements of local Council and government authorities to quickly and efficiently achieve results. Our vast experience includes developing areas of new land release in Sydney with comprehensive road and drainage design and effective stormwater management. We prepare everything from initial topographical surveys to the final strata plans providing our clients with a total property development solution from a dedicated team of professionals.

Offering Comprehensive Services

Some of the services provided by our multi-disciplinary team of land development consultants, engineers and registered surveyors in Sydney include:

  • Surveying – With an experienced and knowledgeable team of registered surveyors in Sydney, Mepstead & Associates are able to provide comprehensive surveys to assist your projects in meeting Council requirements.
  • Civil Engineering – Our civil engineering services include everything from large road intersection design to general subdivision stormwater management, encompassing road, drainage and OSD design.
  • Land Development – Rely on our professional team of land development consultants for the expert and experienced management of projects related to the development of both established and new areas of land release in Sydney.

Client-Driven Services for Successful Land Development

For more details on how Mepstead & Associates’ team of property development consultants, engineers and surveyors in Sydney can help you manage all aspects of your land development project quickly and efficiently, get in touch with us directly.


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